WELCOME to our new Serra®MAT website which showcases our exclusive and extensive quality guaranteed Milliken Mats range.

With 150 years of experience, Milliken with their Milliken Mats range sets the benchmark for providing world-leading dirt trapping floor protection products for any environment.

Added to this, we at Serra®MAT, pride ourselves in not only aligning with the above unique matting range but also by partnering with you in providing a fully integrated end-to-end complete turnkey floor protection solution to ensure that:

  1. Your all-important corporate image is enhanced and maintained.
  2. Your floor coverings retain their aesthetic appearance and longevity.
  3. You achieve a unique and distinctive bespoke look and feel.
  4. You are protected against any unnecessary potential public liability claims due to avoidable floor hazards.
  5. You effectively remove the majority of dirt entering your built environment at its source.
  6. The product is professionally installed on-site and maintained, thereby providing you with an excellent ROI and extended life cycle.
Serra®MAT takes care of your comprehensive floor protection needs.

The difference is in the quality.

Milliken Mat Catalogue Commitment to the Environment Product Warranty