Stop the dirt at the door


We are experts at providing companies with entrance mat solutions. Our SerraMat™ solution is designed to keep your building clean.

Dirt from shoes is bad for business because:

It makes the place look dirty

It makes the floors wear out prematurely

It makes the floor slippery

You need to get our SerraMat™ solution to stop it in its tracks.

We will bring you a SerraMat™ for free.

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Mat Solutions


You probably don't think about mats until

Your reception floor is dirty

The floor in your building is slippery

Your expensive floor gets damaged

These problems are caused by dirt being walked through the door.

You need a SerraMat™ solution to stop the dirt.

What is a SerraMat™ solution?

Mat Solutions

Some dirty stats

0 kg
by 1,000 people

70% of the soil “walked in” to a building can total 10kg by 1,000 people.

Source: Worldwide Cleaning Ass.

0 %
of any cleaning budget

40% of any building’s cleaning budget is used to clean floors.

Source: Carpet & Floor Covering Review

0 %
of a floor's finish removed

Without mats, traffic from 1,500 people can remove 42% of a floor’s finish (in first 2m).

Source: Worldwide Cleaning Industry Ass.

Our customers say

We have no hesitation in recommending Serra Services.

AGH Finlay – Barloworld Equipment

We have serviced mats inside lifts and at entrances. I'm happy to recommend the services of Serra.

Eugenie Parker - Imbumba Aganang Facilities Management

How does it work?

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Need advice on the best size and indoor-outdoor combo?

We will happily come to your business and advise you on the correct SerraMat™ option to deal with the foot dirt.

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