Mats to keep your entrance clean

We provide companies with mats that are always clean.

Our SerraMat™ solution is designed to keep the dirt out of your building.

So that your beautiful floors stay clean and last longer.

Clean Appearance

Your entrance is the first thing people see when visiting your business.

What will people think as they walk in?

If your reception floor is dirty?

If cardboard boxes are used as rainy day mats?

If there is no mat on the floor?

We don't want people to think you don't care.

Create the right first impression with a clean entrance.

We will bring you a SerraMat™ for free.

Try it out for 7 days

How does it work?

How do South Africans solve rainy days?

  • Old cardboard boxes on the floor of your building 
  • Posting a cleaning person at the front door for the day 

There’s a better way! 

The secret to keeping a reception area clean

After it’s been mopped, you need to have a SerraMat™ at the door.

The mat collects the dirt which comes in on peoples shoes.

Only a clean mat does this job.

SerraMat™ are always clean

Stop dirt at the door

When dirt is not stopped at the door, it acts like sandpaper on your floor.

The sandpaper effect leads to early and expensive replacement of your flooring.

Which also makes your reception look crummy.

“Normal” mats can also keep the place clean, but they quickly get dirty and worn out.   

That’s because the sandpaper effect also ruins “normal mats” which is why you need a SerraMat™ to keep your entrance looking smart.

What type of mat do you need?

We advise on different types of mats, including office mats, industrial mats, anti-fatigue mats, logo mats and entrance mats for large buildings.

You are welcome to ask our advice.

Indoor Mats

An Indoor SerraMat™ for your entrance is designed to:     

  • Lay flat and stay flat with no cracks – rubber nitrile backing
  • Absorb more water and fine dust – less dirt gets past the door
  • Multi-filament material – feels soft underfoot 
Keep your entrance looking good for less than you think

Outdoor Mats

An Outdoor SerraMat™ is designed for extra dirty environments to:

  • Scrape rough sand and mud off shoes
  • Be durable because of its UV resistance
  • Lie flat and allow dirt and water particles to fall through the mesh
Indoor and outdoor mats work together for clean floors

The outdoor mat does the heavy work to save the indoor mat for finer cleaning.

Custom Mat Solution

Not sure what mats you need?

We can advise you on the right mat for your footprint.

Find out how multiple mat types work together in the workplace.  We will help you. 

Our Customers Say

Your range of walk-off mats lends a level of sophistication at the entry level of any building. They are durable and when your maintenance programme is followed, retain the appearance they had when first installed.

H A Coetzee – Boogertman Architects

At every meeting we explore other opportunities particularly in the washroom range of products that will enhance our image.

AGH Finlay - Barloworld Equipment

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