Mats for Safety

We provide companies with SerraMats.

Clean mats stop dirt and allergens from entering your building.

This reduces slipping accidents and improves health at work.

Safety at work

How do we reduce these problems?

Slips and falls

Back pain and leg fatigue

Dust and allergens

Our SerraMat™ solution can help prevent injuries at work

We will bring you a SerraMat™ for free.

Try it out for 7 days

Mat Service


We will come to your business and collect your mat, replace it with a clean mat and take the dirty mat away to be laundered.

Our process launders the mats to high standards – they are so rejuvenated they look new. Our high-tech laundry cleans the mats in an environmentally responsible way.

How does it work?

How do clean mats keep people safe?

A clean mat removes sand and water from people’s shoes.

Shoes and floors become less slippery.

A mat works when it’s clean - a dirty mat has no capacity for more sand.

SerraMats are always clean

What type of mat do you need?

We advise on different types of mats, including office mats, industrial mats, anti-fatigue mats, logo mats and entrance mats for large buildings.

You are welcome to ask our advice.

Indoor Mats

An Indoor SerraMat™ for your entrance is designed to:     

  • Lay flat and stay flat with no cracks – rubber nitrile backing
  • Absorb more water and fine dust – less dirt gets past the door
  • Multi-filament material – feels soft underfoot 
Keep your entrance looking good for less than you think

Outdoor Mats

An Outdoor SerraMat™ is designed for extra dirty environments to:

  • Scrape rough sand and mud off shoes
  • Be durable because of its UV resistance
  • Lie flat and allow dirt and water particles to fall through the mesh
Indoor and outdoor mats work together for clean floors

The outdoor mat does the heavy work to save the indoor mat for finer cleaning.

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Workers that stand all day often struggle with back pain and swollen, tired legs.

  • Anti-fatigue mats reduce back and leg strain
  • The multi-filament mat material is thick and soft
  • Workers have less back and leg fatigue
Your people will thank you for getting anti-fatigue mats.

Request a Site Visit

Need advice on the best size and indoor-outdoor combo?

We will happily come to your business and advise you on the correct SerraMat™ option to deal with the foot dirt.

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